The kitchen is Ba-bau’s most important communal space, where all the encounters happen. It’s not just a kitchen but also a co-working space. We cook, eat, drink, talk, debate, and share ideas, works, thoughts, and projects here, together. We even share our own heart-breaks and all the tiniest things inside our hearts and all over the planet. We deeply love and embrace kitchen culture, from which for us, some hidden flowers can bloom. It’s not the most convenient kitchen you’ve ever seen, but it’s cozy and intimate.

Kitchen Talk is a series of talks held in the intimate and casual settings of a meal where the featured guest sets the theme and takes charge of the menu and/or cooking. On the table, everything happens. 

Food is not only food, but it also serves as a bridge to bring people together, regardless of their backgrounds, genders, or generations. The kitchen conversations are an attempt to make people equal to being together in one place and having quality talks by using the process of preparing, cooking, eating, and having theme discussions together.

Aside from on-going discussions on the table, kitchen conversations also include interviews with the chefs in the contemporary art scene of Vietnam—who have been the witnesses of the underground hidden scene for decades.