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Croatian Independent Art Scene - a presentation from Tena Bošnjaković

Croatian Independent Art Scene - a presentation from Tena Bošnjaković

A short presentation on the overall overview of the independent art scene in Zagreb through presenting several established and not so established Croatian artists and art associations. Through their work Tena Bošnjaković will show what are the main topics artists work with, what are their interests, and also present how they fund themselves and where they work.

Time: 7.30 - 9.30PM, Sunday (20 Nov, 2022)Address: 82A Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

(The talk will only be in English due to our current resources).

Tena Bošnjaković works as a dramaturg and producer in Zagreb, Croatia. She finished dramaturgy at the Academy of dramatic art University of Zagreb. After finishing studies she has directed and produced 3 short film documentaries and has been assistant director on 2 experimental films. As a dramaturg she has worked as a part of independent Zagreb scene in theatre and dance with names such as Maša Kolar and Iva Višak. She has tried her hand in writing for TV program and soap operas.As a producer she started working while still at the Academy on film projects and continued as an assistant producer at the Zagreb dance center (2013-2017) where she met producer Ivan Mrđen. In 2017 they opened a production company Spotlight, and together they work as producers for the independent art scene in Croatia. Her first EU project was 'VIDEO/NEXT' from 2011-2012 which was recognized as one of the best Youth in action projects. With Croatian institute from movement and dance she worked on Creative Europe project such as 'Beyond Fronta', 'Mixdoor', 'Moving beyond inclusion', 'Migrant bodies' and 'Migrant bodies - moving borders' and Erasmus + projects such as 'Communicating dance' and 'Empowering dance". In 2019 Spotlight became a partner in Creative Europe project 'Artapp'.In 2022 she is working as a dramaturg on a new dance piece with Ida Jolić and Marin Lemić, working title "Transformers 3" and on preparations for the experimental dance film which will premiere in 2024.With Ivan Mrđen she is developing NFTs as a way to find extra funding for art. Web page: she is a producer of oldest dance festival in Croatia - Dance week festival, experimental music festival Audioart and One take film festival, and works with numerous Croatian artist and collectives such as Alen and Nenad Sinkauz, Petra Hrašćanec, Ksenija Zec, Studio for contemporary dance and Croatian Film Association.

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