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fermenta 1.5

fermenta 1.5

fermenta 1.5 a celebration of life and experiments - the event is hosted by Đinh Thảo Linh & Nguyễn Kiều Anh (ba-bau AIR, VN) and Agus Tri Budiarto a.k.a. Timbil & Firmanto Budiharto a.k.a. geger (Lifepatch, ID) under the fermentation of ưhưh22 project, Nhà Sàn Collective, VN and the enzyme from Gudskul, ID collaboration between human(s) and human(s), collective(s) and collective(s), human (and) nature. the materials, the containers, the ingredients remotedly & locally from Vietnam, Indonesia and Germany were prepared and processed in July and then just let the rest of the work to the universe: temperature, climate, bacterias and all elements to do their best. we invite audiences to join us in celebrating the harvest of time and luck chances by tasting, seeing, smelling, eating, rolling, drinking, cooking, anything. Language: English, Bahasa, Vietnamese Theme: Fooding, Drinking, Live Playing

Venue: ưhưh22 project, Nhà Sàn Collective (next to the Vietnamese Immigrating Garden)


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