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Open-Studio / Mở Xưởng 01 clay.projects @AP Nguyen

Open-Studio / Mở Xưởng 01 clay.projects @AP Nguyen

Open-studio clay.projects @ ba-bau AIR - AP Nguyen

Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Mon - Fri (26/10 - 06/11)19:00 - 23:59 31st Oct - Halloween PartyPlace: Room 01, ba-bau AIR, 3rd Floor, No.82A Thợ Nhuộm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà NộiHow to visit: DM us directly for a visit!

AP Nguyen - a contemporary artist practicing in the mediums of sculpture, painting, video and writing. Within her past works, she explores both the historical and modern mythologies of water and its relation to the narrative of migration and movement. Language has also been an important factor in her artistic projects. Drawing from the kitsch, camp and the carnivalesque- her aesthetic approach is playful and transformative. Currently, she is interested in the notions of the “cute” and “zany”.

During her time at Ba-Bau, AP would like to focus on ‘the small things’; especifically mass-produced souvenirs and holiday merchandise in order to determine the unspoken relationships we have towards these modern objects and re-visualizing sentimental memories through painting and framing, using oil, acrylic, ceramic and maybe other mediums such as video and installation.

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