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Art Handling Bootcamp with Serrum Art Handling

Art Handling Bootcamp with Serrum Art Handling

Art Handling Bootcamp 2023 is an intensive training course on installation, display and dismantling of exhibitions & artworks - Serrum Art Handling (Indonesia).

The 4-day program (July 21~July 24) includes 03 days of training and a field trip to exhibitions & spaces in Hanoi.The program wishes to be the stepping stone to introduce Art Handling as a career to those who are interested in or practicing in the field of creativity in particular and exhibition work in general, whilst providing fundamental background knowledge about art handling works in Vietnam.The intensive training course includes:

- 21/07: Overview of Art Handler's work + Exhibition design process

- 22/07: Dissecting the process of displaying exhibition works + Supporting & Dismantling the exhibition

- 23/07: Practice simulation of exhibition installation + Evaluation & Summary

- 24/07: Visiting exhibitions and spaces in Hanoi

The program takes place in English & Vietnamese.

Art Handling Bootcamp 2023 was initiated and organized by ba-bau AIR, sponsored by Museum Technik, venue sponsored by Long Bien Art Fair, with support of Á Space, Manzi Art & Cafe and The Outpost.

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